“Not having an organized plan is, in fact, a plan...for failure”
Brian Neville, FAA Safety Briefing


“Why don’t we have a checklist clipped to the panel that spells out exactly what the parameters are for each segment of the flight...?”
Bud Davisson, AOPA Flight Training


“The immediate post-flight period offers one of the best opportunities for learning what you can take from one flight to the next.”
Everette Rochon, FAA Safety Briefing

Traditional Flight Plans are good - we use them to know where we are going and how to get there. What about a Plan for growing your aviation skills , a way to track your flight training? How did you do on that flight, how does that compare to last time, what is coming up next ?

We're building tools to help Pilots and Aviation Educators plan, execute and track their ongoing aviation training activities.

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